About Me

                                          “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by Holding it Still” 


My name is Letitia, but my friends call me Tish. I have loved Photography since I was 15 years old. And honestly it would have been my passion at a much younger age except my friend, mother and favorite person in the world was diagnosed with ALS that same year. So my life took a turn for years while My family took care of her. It is actually why I am more passionate about Photography now.

I love to enjoy life and capture it.To Laugh and see the unique beauty in every moment no matter how mundane it may feel. I look back and the best Memories I have are when I look at a photograph or a post. We love to travel, hike trail run we also are very busy with Volunteer Work. Yet photography is a love of mine, and bottom line it is fun taking pictures of beautiful people and places. Just cant get enough of that…

I love being outdoors, I appreciate light,beauty and perspective. Photography has the ability to tell a story. Let me tell yours because Most often the Moments we enjoy that become our Memories are due to a Picture taken or a Photograph posted that otherwise would have just been an ordinary second.

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