ar36lighter-1-of-1Ameeka & Ryan

“Among my Stillness was a beating Heart…”

I was so excited when this Lady contacted me that they wanted to book a Mini Sesh this Fall. And This Amazing Couple did what All Parents should do… Book a Session for just the two of them. For a whole hour it was nothing but kisses, whispers, tender moments and giggles.

The Colors literally popped and with a typical Utah storm blowing in, the sky changed. The wind blowing through the Aspen looked as if it was raining gold. These two weathered wind, rain and dime size hail and about 100 other photographers for these shots. Ameeka was even willing to shoot in a downpour if need be. Thankfully my trusted Hubby had the reflector by his side, which we never used for the shoot, but since I insisted we would not need an umbrella the reflector saved gorgeous hair from  the hail. And my camera at times. Sad to say my amazing Hubby didn’t fair so well. Thank goodness my Boy loves me so much.

I absolutely love shooting moments between two human beings that have created a life together. I jump around looking for the right light, the right look but I am always so excited when I see Chemistry… .
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