ync134-1-of-1Chelsea & Yorgo

“I want to be with you, it is as simple, and as complicated as that”

Charles Bukowski

These two Beautiful People never cease to amaze me. I had the opportunity to Shoot them again. My second Mini Fall Session this year was such a Gorgeous evening. We thankfully headed up the canyon mid-week and so there were no crowds, no other photographers and besides the occasional car full of teenagers we had this breathtaking canyon to ourselves. Just the way I like it. We were able to pull over at any turn out and wander through the trees until we found paths that I have never hiked. Undiscovered trails, tempestuous skies, golden fields and colorful foliage are just a few things that inspire me and that I feel passionate about. Then you add two people that have begun a life together and although newly married have experienced so many things together it made the shoot Flawless. I feel that times like these I appreciate the beauty even more through the lens of my camera than if I just sat there with my own eyes…

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