Desiree & Noa14 (1 of 1)

Desiree & Noa

Desiree & Noa55 (1 of 1)Desiree & Noa

Sometimes the littlest things take up the Most room in your Heart

I was so excited to shoot this beautiful Mama and her Sweetest little Baby Bump. It was my first and hopefully not my last Maternity sesh. Although the Winter and snow limited how much we could do, and it was 20 degrees this morning she was a rock star and it was just enchanting how the snow blanketed the trees.

Her and her wonderful Husband already have two incredible boys that are, no kidding, irresistible. So you can only imagine the news when they found out this “surprise” was going to be a little girl that they finally agreed to name Noa.

Everyone who loves this family was so excited to meet this new member of an already amazing family. And I have to admit I was one of those. Since this shoot Noa has been introduced to us and she is just as gorgeous as her mom.

This Session was all about a Mama and her Baby girl and the bond between them both.

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