Eddie & Nichole

When wonderful friends ask me to shoot their engagements it makes me so Gitty. These two have such an amazing story,friendship and chemistry. Yet a funny thing happens when a camera is aimed at you, It makes the majority of us so nervous we act and do things we would never normally do. Well with these two it was no different. The first few shots were awkward and not in the the “awkward shoots well” sort of way. So we went to StarBucks where my hubby explained the smiles he loved the most when he saw them. He said to Nichole ” Smile like you do when you first enter into a room, you light up a room with that smile” and to Eddie he told him “Look at her and hold her like ‘this woman is mine and I love her with all that I am”

Well after that… was … well what you’ll see. Two Beautiful People that I am lucky to have as such wonderful friends that we love like Family.

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