js156-1-of-1Joshua & Shannon

“To the World You may be but one, but to one You might be the World”

Where do I even begin…

When two beautiful people visit from another state to spend time with great friends, and those amazing friends made plans with me to shoot a Mini Fall Session as an Anniversary Gift, you get not only one of the longest run on sentences but also one of the most ideal shoots.

All day long the weather was cloudy, cold and windy. So for most of the day I checked the weather reports and stared at the sky hoping we were not going to have dime size hail again. Yet the sun followed its same path as it always does and it teased us with playing peek-a-boo through the clouds. And that’s all I needed to see to realize it was going to be a gorgeous session.

So four great friends hopped in my car and up the canyon we drove. I had wanted to take them to Aspen Grove for the great views. And my love, obsession, with golden tall grass was abundant. But worth mentioning was the light this night. For that story visit my IG account and read about the hues of rouge in the air…

But this blog is about Joshua and Shannon. Two absolutely adorable human beings that said “I Do” 4 years ago. I asked them what they love about each other the most… both were very quick to let the other go first. So when I asked Josh he said ” I love her awkward laugh” well of course Shannon said ” I have an awkward laugh?” then we all found out Josh has an awkward laugh too. When I asked Shannon what she loved about him, she talked about his deep love. But also that He has the ability to make her laugh no matter what. A bad day or a grumpy mood is changed by Josh’s talent of helping her forget everything by making her laugh. As the conversation continued we learned He loves her eyes and how beautiful they are. I couldn’t agree more. I smiled behind my lens this whole shoot either because of how fantastic the shot looked or watching these two enjoy each other and laugh… since a picture says a thousand words enjoy the alluring Novel below. 
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