Girl meets Boy
These two amazing friends met on April 12 2013

She said yes on October 17 2015

And they said ”I Do” April 16 2016

With her outgoing personality and his reserved thoughts they balanced each other out very well. And If you spend any time with Vann you’ll realize just how contagious her gorgeous smile and her laughter is. And Nick has this calm confidence about him as well as being a talented musician and artist. Being a part of this Wedding was such a treat since not only are most my Friend’s Kiddos getting Married but it was one of the Most enjoyable weddings to shoot and also be a guest. From the amazing flowers to the awesome vintage trailers for cocktails and desserts and the feeling of being part of something beautiful this was a fantastic party. Savannah was very traditional in not only wanting Nick to see her for the first time as she walked down the isle but also we set up a private reveal for her Father. Those moments were very touching and there wasn’t a dry eye in the Bridal suite that sunny afternoon.
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