rj140hyp-1-of-1Randy & Jill

“The best Love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than Yourself”

When I got a Message from Randy saying he wanted to Surprise his wife for their Anniversary, I can’t even begin to tell you how big my smile was. One, I absolutely love Surprises and Second, I was so impressed with a Husband who would do this for his beautiful Wife of 14 years. I could relate to their experience of not having the wedding photography that they had hoped for… Thus it was such an important shoot for me to capture these two and the deep love that is felt between them.

Well as the session drew closer the cat was let out of the bag… and it only makes sense. Ladies when your husband wants you to curl your hair and wear a certain outfit, let’s be honest, I think we would all be a little suspicious. And Jill figured it out… Probably a good thing, since come to find out, she isn’t fond of surprises.

As we headed up the Canyon it was apparent that fall had done its job and the leaves had blanketed the ground waiting for winter to come. But it was still a beautiful day with a soft breeze.

One of the things that Randy had asked me to capture was his wife’s gorgeous eyes. His words to be exact were ” if you might be able to capture her eyes, they are a beautiful green with blue edges…” It is a lovely thing to see a man love his wife this way. To admire even the tiniest of details about her. Jill is shy and reserved by nature and Randy is more outgoing and loves to joke and smile. The two Compliment each other  like bread and butter.

As always, I love to ask what they love about each other… Randy expressed that Jill is, for lack of a better word, “Real”.  As he put it, she doesn’t laugh at his jokes if they are not funny and she is honest with him. She’s genuine, what you see is what you get… and he loves this about her. He also mentioned her strength to deal with very difficult situations and not give in or give up. And I can tell you another thing, he sees the most beautiful woman when he looks at her… I know this from listening to them talk to each other through the shoot. Of course love is a two way street and Jill’s Love for Randy is evident. When I asked her what she loved about Randy she talked about his ability to always smile. She loved that no matter what it was they were going through in any situation he could laugh and smile…

I think that is why I love these sessions with people who have known each other for so long,  their love has gone through so much and only gotten stronger. And as a photographer my passion is to try to recognize it and in seconds shoot it. No matter how awkward the shoot feels there are those moments in between where you capture so many memories and history in a glance, a smile or a tender hug… and it’s winsome.

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  1. I have known Randy since he was a little boy and he is a fine young man.. son…husband! Jill is fortunate to have him for her husband and he to have her! These pictures are astounding! Great job!

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