West Family 2016

West Family Photo Session

Lake Tahoe is one of my Favorite Places to Visit every year in the Summer. You never tire of the views and how the Sun sparkles across this gorgeous lake. Sand Harbor Beach has so many fun rocks and although the beach was exceptionally busy this day we still made it work. I always look forward to shooting this family in such a fantastic location and I’ve been thrilled to do it the last two years. One thing you learn about these two sisters is how they absolutely love their Mama and Dad and it shows. They have so much personality so how do you keep up? One word…Skittles. It is the parents secret weapon to somehow convince these two fun loving girls not to run in the water and splash around in their adorable dresses. Claire lit up while singing a song with her parents and Vivian couldn’t wait to put her swimming suit on. And yet somewhere in between all the crowds and them wanting to just play in the water we caught a few shots.

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Can’t resist a good ole’ selfie…


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