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Jordan, Belinda, Ethan & Mya

Thomason128 (1 of 1)Jordan, Belinda, Ethan & Mya

Find Your Tribe. Love them Hard

This is what happens when two beautiful people meet and fall head over heels for each other. They build a life together. Together they faced highs and lows, ups and downs. And yet they compliment each other more with every passing year.

They had two gorgeous Babies. First Ethan, one of the kindest, smartest kids that has the biggest heart and a great sense of humor. Then came Mya. She is quirky and kind and yet she has this side of her that is sharp, if you met either one you’d fall in love with them the way I did.

As all you parents know time flies and before you know it your babies are now teenagers. And instead of diapers and first steps you’re looking at driver licenses and first crushes. It goes by so fast and these kids have gotten so big they realized how important shooting a Family session was.

The cherry on top, Jordan & Belinda will celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year. So this session captured not only  the love this family has for each other but also how it all began with two people saying ”I DO”

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