Yorgo & Chelsea

A home grown Utah Valley girl with a zest for life meets a Greek boy from Colorado. These two friends both have the most amazing sense of humor. And they love to laugh together. Their personalities definitely compliment each other so well. And Chelsea and My camera have a friendship of their own. I shot her Senior photos, then her engagements and i was thrilled to be able to shoot their wedding.

It was the middle of winter at the end of December and it was one of those winters where we had no snow on the ground and it rained all day and so we made the most of the weather and Venue to still get the moments we wanted. My favorite picture is still when she was willing to stand in the rain. A rainy day is never my enemy I love the light and the reflections you capture. Not all always feel that way but it’s always worth getting a little wet…

The Father & Daughter dance was by far one of the most Touching ones I’ve Photographed. Oh…Who am I kidding I have several favorites but when you know this family and see the raw emotion it can’t help but move and melt even the most manliest of men.accentuate_pe bw glamour

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